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Cash For Causes--Giant Food

Cash for Causes—Giant Food Gift Cards

What are Cash for Causes Giant Food Gift Cards?

The Giant Food Gift Cards are the same as using any gift card.  It is accepted at all Giant Food stores as form of payment.  The gift cards are available in $25, $50, and $100 increments (though the PTA can arrange to have gift cards in other amounts upon request).  The cost of the gift card is the same as the value of the gift card.  Using a Cash for Causes Giant Food Gift Card as your form of payment will not affect your Bonus Savings, your Gas Rewards, or any other Giant Food customer loyalty reward program.


How does buying a Cash for Causes Gift Card help the PTA if the value is the same as the cost?

The PTA purchases the Cash for Causes Gift Cards directly from Giant Food.  Because we have registered for the program and have shown proof of our non-profit status, Giant Food sells us the gift cards at a 5% discount for us to re-sell at face value.  The PTA gets to keep the 5% difference.


Every little bit helps!

Think about it—if we have around 350 families at the school and each family bought $200 worth of gift cards this school year, the PTA would get $3,500.00!  That’s a lot of income for spending $200 to get $200 to use at Giant!



Stacey Shenker,
Dec 10, 2017, 6:44 AM